100 Dollar Bill Free Theme

Its all about the Benjamins!


* Professional Front Screen Animation
* Custom color scheme on menus
* New front Hidden Dock navigation for full front screen Animation display
* NEW – At least 6 icons on front Page for all handsets.
* NEW – Mobstar Slider adds more Icons 81xx, 83xx, 87xx and 88xx currently NOT supported
* NEW – Clear Highlight for selected front screen icons.
* Animation pauses when phone is on standby to reduce battery drain

Please check you have the required Operating System. Support for OS 4.5 + only application screen – select option – about.

Due to possible connection errors with mobile providers we recommend using Wi-Fi when available.

***Step 1 Restart Device
***Step 2 Remove battery – battery removal may be needed to finish installation
***Step 3 Change theme

1. Select Options spanner looking Icon from the Applications screen.
2. From the Options menu, scroll down to Theme and select it.
3. Highlight a different theme, and click it.
4. Return to the Options menu.
5. Exit out of it. Now youre using a different theme.

App Name:100 Dollar Bill Free Theme

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:1217 KB


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