2 Row Theme with SMS Text Messages Home Screen Theme

Keeps your standard Zen theme which comes as default on your BlackBerry handset but with the addition of:

- An extra row of application icons
- Your latest text/SMS messages displayed on your home screen

This theme gives you exactly what you want – the full functionality of the standard Zen theme with the added flexibility of two rows of application icons and your text messages displayed on your home screen.

Please note, the OS6 version of this theme displays only the sender name of the text for privacy and not the message itself. See screenshot for details.


* Keep your professional looking standard BlackBerry theme
* Additional row of application icons
* View your latest text SMS and MMS messages on your home screen
* All icons remain the same as the standard theme – no amateurish looking hand-created icons
* Set your own wallpaper

Please note, when you install this theme, your icons will move to their default positions, you will need to move your icons into your preferred order. To do this:

1 Select the icon you want to move
2 Click the BlackBerry button and select Move
3 Use your trackpad/roller to move to the desired position and click
4 Note that the icons you move to the top two rows on the application screen will then appear on the home screen

App Name:2 Row Theme with SMS Text Messages Home Screen Theme

App Version:4.0.0

App Size:357 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

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