Betsy DaBear Goes Skydiving Animation

Betsy Da Bear starts out this adventure with her friend Ace and his Bi-plane. She enjoys the view while she parachutes down after jumping off of the planes wing. This animation is on the home screen. For your BlackBerry.
8520/8530 BlackBerry Curve: OS 5.0, 9300: OS 5.0, 9630 BlackBerry Tour: OS 5.0, 9650 BlackBerry Bold: OS 5.0, 9700 BlackBerry Bold: OS 5.0, 9780 BlackBerry Bold: OS 6.0, 9650 BlackBerry Bold: OS 6.0, 9700 BlackBerry Bold: OS 6.0, 9300/9330 BlackBerry Curve: OS 6.0

App Name:Betsy DaBear Goes Skydiving Animation

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:1991 KB

Cost:US$6.99 USD

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