Black Lightning – 99 Cents

Black Lightning is a sleek professional Zen lightning theme.
Black Lightning is the next installment in the lightning themes. Collect them all!!

The theme is black, white, and gray.
The background is an electrifying lightning strike shaded a sleek black.
Make this your new favorite theme!

This Black and white theme will give your BlackBerry a sleek look, while still having that professional feel to it.

*Black and white menus*
*Black and white dialog*
*Black and white message list*

Give your BlackBerry a stunning new look!
Looks great on the BlackBerry Bold smartphone series!

Theme Display may vary based on handset model.

4.5 users go to "Options..Theme" to activate the theme after purchase.

*Messages folder seperate from SMS/MMS folder*

*Bouncing home screen icons on all models*
*Compatible with OS 5.0*
**Fast Support Response Time**

App Name:Black Lightning – 99 Cents

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:208 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD