Explore 8 Version 1 for BlackBerry Theme

Changeable Wallpaper for non touch
Unable change wallpaper for touch
Enable landscape for touch
6 slot for icon background, use a 480×360 pixels picture and save it myphoto1.jpg until myphoto6.jpg, and put them into microSD Card under/BlackBerry/Pictures folder for non touch
Show : Owner Name, Owner Info, Info Unread for Message, Inbox
Combine 5 user application order + 8 static icon
Smooth slide for wallpaper
OS7 Icon

Note:Wallpaper will appear after you replace the other themes and then return to this theme.

App Name:Explore 8 Version 1 for BlackBerry Theme

App Version:1.1.0

App Size:842 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

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