Love 4 Wall Charge Light Blue

Simple home screen with reduced banner to enjoy your wallpaper.

THERE IS NO BATTERY METER. It has been replaced with a "charging" indicator. This theme was designed to eliminate redundancy for those who use a 3rd party app to display battery status in the notification area. 3rd party battery status app is NOT included with this theme.

As with ANY theme, it is recommended that you perform a restart with battery pull after installation.
To install ANY theme on your Torch, go to Options icon- Display- Screen Display. Highlight the theme in the list at the bottom and click the trackpad twice to "activate."
To uninstall ANY theme from your Torch, go to Options icon – Device- Application Management. Highlight the theme in the list, click into it and press "Delete."

Note: This theme was created using the BETA version of the Theme Builder software, which has a few bugs. I have made every attempt to minimize the impact of these bugs. Out of fairness to you, this theme created using the beta software is free!

App Name:Love 4 Wall Charge Light Blue

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:704 KB


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