Purple Elite Tech theme by BB-Freaks

Purple Elite Tech is one of the best themes made by BB-Freaks! Why? It is simple a new BlackBerry experience mixing a amazing style and super great features.

The homescreen features ;
- A beautiful style with vibrant purple/black colors.
- 2 Weather slots or another important application that you want to access every time.
- 3 docks that you can scroll left-right
1st Dock Start : 6 Customizable applications according to the menu order.
2nd Dock Media : Access to Music, Pictures, Videos, Camera, Video Camera, Voice Notes Recorders **This 6 applications arent customizable**.
3rd Dock Social : Messages, BlackBerry Messenger, SMS/MMS, Facebook*, Twitter* and a customizable icon position 9 on application list.

Wallpaper isnt customizable.
theme is ~1,0MB for Non-Touch devices and ~1,5MB for Touch devices this theme will not lag your BlackBerrydevice so you can really enjoy the theme.

* Facebook & Twitter arent included in this theme, you have to download them to be able to access them trough the Social dock.

**THEME ONLY AVAILABLE FOR BLACKBERRY DEVICES WITH SOFTWARE 5.0 OR HIGHER. If you dont know your software version, go to Options – About and the third line says the blackberry software version you are using.**

App Name:Purple Elite Tech theme by BB-Freaks

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:766 KB

Cost:US$5.99 USD

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