Skateboard Theme

Note: Please Check your OS version before you choose. If the theme for your model shows different OS options in the Add To Cart box, please check your BlackBerry OS version to make sure you download the correct one. Click on Options then click on About on your BlackBerry. The OS version will be v.4.**** or v.5.**** . It is best to update your BlackBerry to the latest OS but we make the older versions available for your convenience.


* Give your BlackBerry a complete different funky look.
* The main focus of the theme is to shown the lifestyle of the skateboarders
* The screen wise backgrounds & the grunged graffiti looking icons make the theme special on the BlackBerry.


* A very unique sporty lifestyle look.
* The dialog box with an orange outline on a glassy edge.
* Grunged graffiti style icons on the concrete background.

App Name:Skateboard Theme

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:598 KB

Cost:US$2.99 USD

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