Smart Business

Smart Business theme keeps it clean, to-the-point and professional. It shows your default calendar appointments on your home page along with 12 application icons.

9700/9600/8900: 6 default calendar appointments
8500/9000/9300: 5 default calendar appointments

You can customize which twelve icons appear on your home screen by moving your preferred 12 to the upper two rows of your BlackBerry screen. Navigation: starting from the apps at the bottom. Next up is Calendar items then up to Profiles. There are two utility areas to the right of Profiles: Manage Connections for turning Wifi/Bluetooth/transmitter on/offdepending on if your handheld features Wifi/Bluetooth and/or joining new Wifi networks, and Clock with a click at the Time area. Screenshots are from the 9700 series. Please contact support with any questions. The home screen background is all black with no banners. Theme will load in your Options-Theme section.

App Name:Smart Business

App Version:1.6.0

App Size:73 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD