Snake Skin Black Theme

Snake Skin Black theme is a high quality theme with great graphics. Theme display may vary depending on your actual device and operating system. To activate your theme: Download, click on options, then theme, select the actual theme. Restart your phone if necessary. Please note: Does not support 97xx OS 6.0.0.
If you experience any problems please contact us:
All Themes will change the order and visibility of your icons, folders and apps. This is part of the BlackBerry operating system and beyond our control.

Please note the OS requirements for each device:
98xx 6.0.0
9700 5.0.0
96xx 5.0.0
95xx 5.0.0
91xx 5.0.0
90xx 5.0.0
89xx 5.0.0
88xx 4.5.0
87xx 4.5.0
85xx 5.0.0
8350 5.0.0
8330 5.0.0
83xx 4.5.0
82xx 4.6.0
81xx 4.5.0

App Name:Snake Skin – Black

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:285 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD

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