Themes in Motion: Space Shuttle Launch

Animated space shuttle launch premium theme. Witness a space shuttle launch as it takes off and enters orbit. All the icons, backgrounds, colors and other images have been fully customized, making this a high quality premium theme. Also includes 2 hidden docks allowing more icon access and a large viewable area displaying calendar events, phone calls, email and text messages directly from the HomeScreen.
***Compatible with all OS 6 Devices

Animated background that will amaze you
Fully customized theme related icons and backgrounds
Fonts, menus, buttons, colors all customized
Includes 2 hidden docks which allows a full view of the animation and improved icon access
Today Plus dock allows you to quickly and easily view all of your latest calendar events, phone calls, email and text messages directly from the HomeScreen
HomeScreen icons are customizable by changing the application icon order
High quality premium theme

Compatibility Information:
* Hidden docks and today icons are not supported in OS v4.5 81xx, 83xx devices.
* Due to a software glitch affecting OS 6 Devices excluding the BlackBerry Torch, the display area will not currently show calendar events, phone calls, emails and text messages on the HomeScreen.

**Important installation instructions:
Device MUST be restarted after installation or the animation and other images will not appear correctly

App Name:Themes in Motion: Space Shuttle Launch

App Version:1.3.0

App Size:732 KB

Cost:US$4.99 USD

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