Tri-Colour Independence Day Theme

A perfect patriotic theme. Get this theme on to your BlackBerry and show your Pride and Honour towards the nation.

Note: "Please Check your OS version before you choose. If the theme for your model shows different OS options, please check your BlackBerry OS version to make sure you download the correct one. Click on "Options" then click on "About" on your BlackBerry. The OS version will be "v.4.****" or "v.5.****" . It is best to update your BlackBerry to the latest OS but we make the older versions available for your convenience."

* Five wallpapers that makes you exhibit your patriotic feeling towards your country.
* Customized beautiful icons.
* Battery replaced with Customized abstract battery meter.
* Signal meter replaced with abstract signal meter as signal.

App Name:Tri-Colour Independence Day Theme

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:1078 KB


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