Ultimate Baseball Theme

Get ready for the baseball season with this Ultimate Baseball theme. This theme is for all those who love the Game of baseball and want to enhance the look and feel of their BlackBerry.

-Fully Customized Banner
-Baseball images for all screens
-Fully customized *new item icon
-Customized "baseball" style buttons
-Enhanced Incoming and Outgoing Call screens
-Colorized menus, dialog buttons.
-Colorized menu boxes and dialog boxes.
-Fully customized baseball battery indicator
-Fully customized base signal meter

**NOTE- The appearance and available features of this theme may change slightly based on the model and software version on the BlackBerry. This theme is intended for use on BlackBerry OS 5.0 only

To activate this theme after downloading it simply go to Options -Theme and select this theme.

Please ensure that the appropriate permissions are set on the device for this theme, and that a backup is done prior to any downloading or installation of this theme.

Supported Devices Only:

8350: OS 5.0
8530: OS 5.0
8900: OS 5.0
9000: OS 5.0
9630: OS 5.0
9650: OS 5.0
9700: OS 5.0

App Name:Ultimate Baseball Theme

App Version:1.0.1

App Size:1217 KB

Cost:US$3.99 USD

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