Unleashed Polterguist

One of the most frightening themes you will ever see. Solve the mystery of the little girl within this theme to set her spirit free once and for all. If you dont she will haunt your phone, forever!

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Screenshots provided are for the 9700 and 9500 models. Your specific device may display the theme in a slightly different way unique to your particular device design.

Due to the unreliability of mobile phone networks, please make sure you are downloading and installing this them while connected to w WIFI NETWORK.


In the Apps Menu select OPTIONS
Navigate to THEMES and select it
Pick the desired theme from this list and CLICK on in.
Return to HOME screen
You are now using your new theme.

For the best results, remove the battery with the phone still on after your theme installation has completed and then reboot your phone.

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App Name:Unleashed Polterguist

App Version:2.0.0

App Size:238 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD

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