Xplicit Yellow Edition Theme

Xplicit Yellow Edition is a smooth theme with a simple design that will make easier the way to browser through your BlackBerry while enjoying your favorite wallpaper or picture on the home screen background.

The home screen features a hidden dock with 7-9 customizable slots where you can put all your favorites needs, the order of the slots is according to the order on the menu.

**To show the hidden dock you have to press the space bar key for non-touch devices and touching the dock area for touch devices, to hide it just press the escape key. **

The theme only needs less than 1,0MB for Non-Touch and ~1,4MB for Touch devices, it runs very smoothly on any BlackBerry model.

The theme features O.S 7.0 icons and 6.0 battery & signal meters.
The theme is also compatible with BlackBerry devices using software 6.0!!!

App Name:Xplicit Yellow Edition Theme by BB-Freaks

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:462 KB

Cost:US$5.99 USD

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