The Buzzer Chase Game is a quick reaction PlayBook game to add fun to those boring business parties or training events. This reaction game adds fun to those parties with family and friends as well. The goal is to get as many hits as possible on the 4 big red buzzers. Hit the red buzzer once it turns on. If you miss tapping the red buzzer, you will receive a miss. For each red buzzer, you can only miss tapping it three times. After the fourth miss on any one of the four red buzzers, the game is over. Great for team competitions and encourages team building when each participant has its own buzzer. For more than 4 players, form teams of 2 to 4 players per team. After forming teams, the team with the highest number of hits is the winner.

Let the games begin!

App Name:BuzzerChase

App Version:1.0.6

App Size:1225 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

Filed Under: Action Game
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