Memory Cards is a test and exercise memory intellectual Game. This is the classic memory game helping you hone your short term memory skills and retention. A long period of playing will certainly let you have a superhuman memory capacity. And this training course will let you feel very interesting and easy.
The rule is simple:keep the card position in mind and pick out 2 cards with the same icon. Pair up all cards in the shortest time to get the highest score.

- 16 kinds of dynamic backgrounds and 182 kinds of cute images
- Main menu animation has a gravity sensor control
- Leave the game anytime if you want and resume where you left
- Beautiful animation of particles system on victory
- 6 optional difficulty levels
- Top 10 scores list for 6 levels
- Background music and sound effect support

Keywords: memory, card, puzzle, game, pair

App Name:MemoryCards

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:5905 KB

Cost:US$2.99 USD

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