Now buy Natural White Solitaire Diamonds from Shree Ramkrishna Export, Worlds leading Diamond Manufacturing Company from your very own Smartphone.

This Manufacturer from India, Shree Ramkrishna Export has one of the Best manufacturing facilities in the world inclusive of latest and Best of the Technology and its Skilled Diamond Cutters. SRK is the Initiator of the use of mobile technology in selling Diamonds. This application is just a leap forward in best utilization of Mobile technology.

SRK enjoys the Status as DTC Accredited Business unit which means we meet the stringent Best Practice Principles BPP as DTC Sightholders and is also the ISO 9001 certified Business Unit.

Shree Ramkrishna Exports SRKlite Application for BlackBerry gives you the exclusive access to polished Diamond Mine, online. You will feel satisfied by browsing through our inventory of over 8000 certified and non-certified stones.

This application will enable you Diamond Trader, Jewellery Retailer & Manufacturers and others to view stone details online and will also provide with an additional feature where you can buy your preferred stones.

TIPs: To login please use your website username and password or to register visit our website

You will also be able to access our inventory for temporary period using our Guest login feature.

We thank you for showing your interest in us!! Hope you have good time browsing through our wide array of certified and non-certified Diamonds using this Application.

App Name:SRKlite

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:398 KB


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