Transformative Solutions

Make sure your transformative solution is part of the global climate agenda

Incremental improvements in existing systems are insufficient measures in the battle against climate change.

Many initiatives are well-intended, often in response to government policies, but these small changes will seldom contribute to the creation of a zero carbon society at the speed and scale that is necessary.

There is even a risk that such incremental improvements might further lock society into a high-carbon infrastructure, making necessary reductions difficult or even impossible to achieve.

Fortunately a growing number of companies with transformative solutions now view the creation of a low-carbon economy as a business opportunity rather than as a threat. These solutions deserve attention.

This app is a tool to identify such solutions. At least 300 solutions will be gathered and presented at the occasion of a special Caring for Climate event scheduled to take place on 4-5 October 2010 in Mexico City and later also at the COP16 meeting in Cancun.

App Name:Transformative Solutions

App Version:1.0.0

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