Kwantlen Student Association MyStudentApp

The Kwantlen Student Association wants you to be in in the know. MyStudentApp is a free app available to download and install.

MyStudentApp allows you to receive information or news that you want, when you want it. By setting your preferences, you are filtering the type of information delivered to you. Instead of receiving everything that is published, receive only those feeds that you subscribe to.

There are significant benefits to the MyStudentApp.

From a users standpoint, you are able to download a free application that allows you to receive instantaneous notifications on the areas that you designate in their preferences. The subscription to different channels is extremely easy and you can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. You do not have to remember to find a computer to login to your email server to retrieve your important messages.

App Name:Kwantlen Student Association MyStudentApp

App Version:1.0.6

App Size:949 KB


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