BigTinCan BuzzMe

*** New Version 2.9 works with OS6 and 9800 Torch ***
**** New Year Sale now on Pro and Premium Versions – up to 50% off ****

If you want to hear your BlackBerry smartphone ring and have it vibrate at the same time you need BuzzMe

BuzzMe lets you:

Control the LED color when you receive a phone call.

Create your own custom color for your ringtone.

Receive a missed call reminder on your phone with LED and vibration.

You can even set a "disco" mode to have a flashing disco in your BlackBerry when you receive a call.

And best of all BuzzMe is totally free!

Its easy to install, and has been used on millions of BlackBerry smartphones worldwide.

If you have a BlackBerry Storm, BuzzMe includes Facedown mode for calls – that turns off the BuzzMe vibration when you set the phone facedown – its the coolest way to control your phone vibration.

If you want more control over vibration and LED color for calls, messages, emails, BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, BeeJive and more try BuzzMe Pro and BuzzMe Premium.

And now you get a free 14-day trial of the optional BuzzMe Premium that adds support for BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, BeeJive, GoogleTalk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and more. Its the ultimate way to get custom control of your phone alerting.

You can see a video of how to set up BuzzMe and the extra features at:

App Name:BigTinCan BuzzMe

App Version:2.9.15

App Size:139 KB


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