anteeo calculator : loan and mortgage – prestamo – emprunt et pret

Developped for BlackBerry by Anteeo actuarial consulting

Simulating a credit has never been easier!
Looking to buy a house, apartment or a car? Make sure you can fund it:

In 1 minute this tool allow you to calculate, by choice, for a loan or a credit:

- the amount borrowed,
- the annual rate of borrowing,
- the amount of periodic payment,
- the repayment period.

Update v1.2:

- ability to email the results of the simulation.
- Added monthly flow chart of capital repaid and interest.

Update v1.3:

- bi-montly payment calculation.
- Interest paid at the end of loan.

Update v1.4:

- type of calculation banking / actuarial : choice of the periodic rate actuarial or proportional

Supported languages:

- English
- Spanish
- French

anteeo calculator for blackberry app Screenshot

App Name:anteeo calculator : loan and mortgage – prestamo – emprunt et pret

App Version:1.4.0

App Size:195 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

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