St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

The official BlackBerry app of St. Christophers Hospital for Children! Patients and prospective customers use this app as a handy tool for information about St. Christophers Hospital for Children such as Emergency Room waiting time, finding physicians, guidance to the hospital, health and first aid references, and storing of important personal medical data.

Key Features:
ER Wait Time current average wait time for St. Christophers Hospital for Childrens emergency room
Health Library loaded with information on diseases, tests, procedures, drugs, wellness, nutrition, etc.
Map zoomable map showing hospital location
Guide Me turn by turn guidance from your current location
Call Us main hospital number, plus specific numbers for major departments all touch-to-call!
Find A Physician search for a physician based on specialty, distance, insurance accepted, age, gender, etc.
First Aid practical advice for situations such as infant choking, poison, animal bites, bleeding, burns, etc.
Emergency Contacts enter and save your emergency contacts
Important Contacts enter and save your important contacts
Physician Contacts – enter and save your physician contacts
Medicines enter and save your prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines
Insurance Numbers enter and save your insurance numbers as a handy reference!
Allergies enter and save your allergy information
Medical History enter and save your medical history events
Family Medical History – enter and save your familys medical history events

Important note: For all supported BlackBerry phones running OS 5.x, the ER Wait Time function is not supported at this time.

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App Name:St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

App Version:1.1.0

App Size:2650 KB


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