Depth of Field

Depth of field DOF is the range of distances in an image over which the image is said to be sharp. This application calculates the Depth of field in either Meters or Feet across a variety of FStops.

All points lying within the DOF are considered to be acceptably sharp. A critical concept in DOF is the diameter of the circle of confusion CoC. A point in the image which is actually in focus will have a typical diameter in the image plane diffraction limited spot size in the 5 to 10 micron range. Points lying at the limits of the DOF will image with a diameter equal to the circle of confusion diameter by definition. For 35mm work this is typically taken to be around 30 microns and this is based on the appearance of a standard sized print at a standard viewing distance. While the standard is rarely explicitly defined, it seems to be close to an 8×10 print viewed from about 1 foot.

Depth of Field for blackberry Screenshot

App Name:Depth of Field

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