Everything Sailing Offline

Everything Sailing Offline is about sailing and sailboats. It includes information that youre not going to find anywhere else. Read it for fun, read it to learn, then keep it handy as a searchable reference. Its offline so it goes wherever you go, no need to have an internet connection. To save memory space on your BlackBerry, its text only, no hassles with images. Jump from one chapter to any of the other 62 chapters and it will save where youre reading and automatically go back to that same spot when you open that chapter next time. Everything Sailing Offline includes best practices as well as knowledge from 25 years of personal experience. Inside, youll find information on racing, cruising, maintenance, navigation, safety, and many other topics.

App Name:Everything Sailing Offline

App Version:2.2.0

App Size:248 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD

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