Satski Ski app

The GPS Ski app. This Award winning Real time ski GPS navigation app using
current 2/3D color trail maps. Live Ski GPS position with Locate Me button, live tracking, live stats speed, distance, and altitude. Real time navigation on the slopes, features replays your ski tracks , analyze your stats .
Full resort info, i.e. contacts to mountain restaurants directly from your BlackBerry or search for info on ski hire, bars, etc.

Satski gives you the following statistics on your device:
1. your current position on the slopes, Ski speed and altitude.
2. Distance skied total inc. distance covered on lifts / ski and distance skied only.
3. Average speed skied
4. Maximum speed Skied during the day and in within the last 5 minutes.
5. Altitude gained up and down.

Access to extra live services, which include:
1. Buddy Tracking which allows you to see where your family/friends are. Your buddy/ies will have to be using Satski and supply you with their phone ID.
2. Weather reports
3. SOS feature emergency telephone number and your longitude and latitude coordinates.

The application also has a camera function which geo tags your photos and integrates them into your Google Earth replay. The post PC Analytics and Replay software is called Stats Viewer, and downloadable from Stats Viewer includes replays in Ski Viewer or in 3D with Google Earth. The Analytics includes a multitude of statistical charts and graphs for more in depth analysis.

Please view an example of the PC Analytics software at Users can
share their replay and Analytics with friends and family by emailing them a file directly from the Stats
Viewer software.

All major ski resorts worldwide. Satski /Satsports geo plots every map individually so please be patient if your map is not available yet or please contact us to submit a request.

App Name:Satski Ski app

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:179 KB

Cost:US$8.99 USD

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