China2Go Talking Phrase Book Cantonese

Turn your PDA or mobile phone into a language teacher and travel translator! Learn Cantonese today with HNHSoft China2Go Talking Phrase Book, Cantonese Edition, designed and optimized for your Windows Mobile Professional and Classic Pocket PC.

This talking phrase book includes more than 1000 words and phrases that are frequently used when travelling to Hong Kong. Each phrase is translated into Cantonese and pronounced by a native, professional speaker, recorded in high fidelity. In a flash, you can choose a phrase in English, then see and hear its translation in Cantonese. The phrases are carefully organized in to 10 categories and 50 sub categories to handily suit your needs in different situations you may encounter while abroad.

Feature Highlights

More than 1000 phrases, 10 Major categories and 50 sub categories
Each phrase has high fidelity audio, recorded by a native speaker
Compose your own phrase by selecting fragments from a list
Search a phrase by key words
Link to related phrases
Bookmark your frequently used phrases in your own Favorites category
Useful travel and cultural tips

App Name:China2Go Talking Phrase Book Cantonese

App Version:3.2.2

App Size:196 KB

Cost:US$19.99 USD

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