A simple userfriendly language translator for BlackBerry smartphones using GoogleTM translation api.
Use this translator to get quick translation from your language to other languages and express your mind.
You can compose a mail and translate the mail in other language from this app. Its easy.
You can also twitter a translated text as Twitter profile status message.

For a user who doesnt have BlackBerry MDS service enabled can also use it with his/her WiFi Connection.

Support for English Chinese Japanese French Russian German Dutch Greek Italian Spanish and most of major languages. Your handset needs to support those languages.
WiFi is supported so you can use the application easily.
Send translated text via SMS/email
Set translated text as your twitter status message.
Last used language pairs are remembered for ease of use.
One button copy/paste so that you can copy the translated text and paste anywhere like in sms/email/mms/blackberry messenger application or any place you want to.
Easily swap between languages
Long paragraphs can be translated

Works only with BES and WiFi internet connection. Also OS 4.2.1 or higher are supported.

App Name:ProTranslateLite

App Version:1.9.4

App Size:213 KB


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