Bris Checklist

Prepare everything for your babys bris with the Bris Checklist. This is a very important moment for every Jewish family, plan ahead and you wont forget anything!

With our Checklists youll never forget anything anymore. Get things done, save time and nerves, be prepared for everything!

Create your very own individual lists
Save multiple different lists
Choose from our suggested list entries and add your own entries
See your progress immediately with the background bar
Compare your progress of different saved lists in the My Lists menu
Create your own categories, you can even have identical entries in different categories
Easy and quick access to your last used lists via the start screen
Change name and category of existing entries
Name your individual lists

This app requires an SDCard. We strongly recommend using original SDcards by SanDisk since others might be a lot slower.

App Name:Bris Checklist

App Version:1.0.446

App Size:314 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

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