Tired to remember so many contacts and how to feed them back in next call? This really challenges your brain. So want to make notes? CallTips will show you call tips in phone screen to remind you. CallTips make your business call more efficient.

1. Show call tips in phone screen while income/outcoming call.
2. After call, automate popup dialog to input your calltips, it is convenient. If you dislike it, you can turn off it.
3. The popup input dialog will close automate after 30 seconds if there is no input.
4. Build CallTips setting to system options, you can see calltips items in system options after install.
5. You can add, modify and remove tips from the modifysearch option.
6. You can search tips with keyword.
7. You can change appearance of tips in phone screen with three types of font and four types of color options.
8. You can turn on/off show tips function.
9. Software upgrade is free.

Caution: You should admit phone access right of CallTips. After install, there is no application icon in screen, all setting is in CallTips item of system options. Trial period is 7 days, you can input register code in option setting.

App Name:CallTips

App Version:1.1.0

App Size:31 KB

Cost:US$4.99 USD

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