Chameleon2 – Trial

Chameleon2 is based on the popular Chameleon application.

It helps mobile end users to hide and manage incoming short messages SMS and phone call logs. Your personal calls and SMS are password protected.

It also can be used as a SMS Filter and Call Blocker. This application auto hangup the receive call and restrict calls matching the address book.

Quick Start Guide
1. Change the default password to a convenient password. Default password is blank/emply/, just press enter.
2. Login to the application
3. Go to address book
4. Add a contact to the address book
5. Try calling and SMS the contact
6. Try receiving call and sms from the contact
7. On some network, you may be able to receive SMS but not send SMS. At the main screen, press the menu button, then select Setup SMS Method, 3 methods to choose from.
8. For phones without call list view call log option, the phone will still show the last call detail. You will have to manually delete the last call.
9. To block calls, once you are logged in to the application, select block calls to block all incoming and outgoing calls matching the application address book. On some BlackBerry, to block the first phone call, additional security question is asked by the phone, select never ask again and accept. The application will not ask for permission again.

Unregistered version will only work for the first 100 sms and calls.

1. This application may not work with other SMS applications, this includes SMSFilter, Chameleon and other 3rd party application. Please try the trial version first.
2. Only the history of call logs are deleted from the phone
3. On some networks, there may be problem sending SMS

App Name:Chameleon2 – Trial

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:87 KB


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