Intelligent Lap Timer for BlackBerry PlayBook

Intelligent Lap Timer for BlackBerry PlayBook allows you to count time and record lap times. This lap timer displays and analyzes lap times in tabular and graphic forms, evaluating the average, minimum, and maximum lap times. These unique features differentiate this lap timer from physical and other virtual ones.

This app is particularly useful for timingrelated performance measurements and instant analysis of leisure as well as professional activities in areas such as sports, games, educational evaluations, technical trainings, broadcasting, and manufacturing.

This lap timer also displays current day, date, and time, allowing you to access all timing information within a single view.

The time interval is displayed in the format of Hour:Minute:Second.Fractional Second, where the last digit corresponds to 10 milliseconds. If there are less than 480 data points, they will be displayed on the graph when the lap timer is stopped.

App Name:Intelligent Lap Timer for BlackBerry PlayBook

App Version:1.5.7

App Size:312 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

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