Memory Card Cleaner

The Memory Card Cleaner is a fast and easy to use application that was developed in order to free up memory card space by deleting or moving large files.

If you need to quickly free up space on your memory card, your best bet is to start deleting the large files right away. However, dont waste time guessing as to what they are, there are easy ways to inventory as to what is clogging up your memory card. The Memory Card Cleaner maps your memory card usage so that you can gain a birdseye view of whats taking up most of your coveted card space.

The Memory Card Cleaner displays your disk usage in a colorcoded map that shows exactly what file types and folders are taking up the most space on your memory card. Select the files and then delete them or move them to another memory card.

App Name:Memory Card Cleaner

App Version:1.2.44

App Size:154 KB

Cost:US$2.99 USD

Filed Under: Utilities Apps
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