Memory Eye

Memory Eye is an extremely light weight and compact memory monitoring utility for your BlackBerry Smartphone. Memory Eye allows you to set a memory threshold and when your devices memory drops below your set point, your phone alerts you. You get an informative popup and have the option to be alerted with vibration and a blinking LED in 6 colors! Then if your memory keeps dropping, you keep getting alerts. Memory Eye has a tiny 10kb footprint to ensure your not wasting memory while monitoring memory. Unlike other apps that have huge front ends, graphics, etc that waste memory, Memory Eye was optimized and fully tested to have no impact on device memory at all! Plus there is no icon taking up wasted space, Memory Eye is configured through the standard BlackBerry options menu. And now Memory Eye can reset your device when your alert goes off! Just select Reset Device and your device does a hard reset, the same as a battery pull.

Memory Eye is not only great for those who are constantly worried and checking their available memory, but also those who want to make sure their old calendar events, call logs, and emails dont get deleted because their memory dropped too low when they werent watching. The BlackBerry OS has a feature to delete these items automatically without warning when your memory drops too low. Even with the newest hybrids, memory can drop if you accidentally leave a 3rd party app open too long, and now with Memory Eye you can set it and forget it. Many beta testers felt this should have been part of the original BlackBerry OS!
And of course, all the great future improvements and versions planned are included for free for all customers!

Memory Eye is compatible with all devices OS 4.3 and up including a BlackBerry Storm specific version. Now with a 2 day free Trial!

Remember, Memory Eye is found under BlackBerry Options or settings on some themes

App Name:Memory Eye

App Version:1.0.9

App Size:14 KB

Cost:US$2.99 USD

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