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You carry around your smart phone in a pocket or purse and, simply by moving sitting, standing, walking or reaching you accidentally press the touch screen of your smart phone and an app opens.

Or worse, you accidentally dial a number! The call recipient hears somethingbut its muffled and noisy because your phone is in your pocket as you talk to your friend across the table. Huh?

Slide2Open prevents accidental butt dialing forever by locking up your touch screen. No more accidental app launches, either, saving power to make calls and send texts that you actually mean to send.

For devices 9810, 9300, 9330, 9990, 9850, 9860, 8530 you will have 2 Slide2Open icons, one is for the lock, and one is for the Settings….to set your Background image and other settings click on the Slide2Open Settings icon.

Tip When screen is locked use menu option or Settings Icon Set Background Image to change the image on the screen. Make sure you are not connected to your PC when doing this so your SD card will be available to select pictures.

Slide2Open downloads seamlessly to sync up with your current settings. A couple of adjustments and youre locked tight until you slide to open your smart phone to make a call or open an app.

Youll save time with power ups when your apps are locked tight and cant accidentally open when you reach for the salt. Slide2Open locks down all apps until youre ready to use them.

Apps that run in the background remain on top working silently behind Slide2Open, delivering the convenience and functionality you need when you need it.

Incoming calls still come in, even when Slide2Open is running, so you never miss a call or make a call you dont intend to make. Youre connected and protected from the dreaded buttdialingappopening activities that we all do every day.

Unlocking your smart phone touch screen is a breeze. Just slide the arrow across the screen and youre good to go.

To lock your phone, set Slide2Open as a convenience key, or just press the icon.

Slide2Open works with most BlackBerry touch screen models.

Slide2Open is simplicity itself. It performs a critical function without a thought, enhancing your smart phone experience just like all of the BlackBerry apps JaredCo builds.

Slide2Open is stylish when locked and elegant to use.

Oh, and one more thing: Slide2Open is totally, awesomely FREE. You dont pay a penny for an app that delivers a great experience every time you pull out your smart phone.

No more power drains, no more accidental phone calls, no more confused call recipients wondering what that muffled rustling is all about. Again!

Download Slide2Open to keep going all day, every day, with the power you need to stay connected, without accidental power drains or confused listeners on an open line.

JaredCo we build apps with purpose, and we support every app we design. Even the freebies. So end butt dialing forever with Slide2Open to ensure a great BlackBerry experience no matter where you carry your smart phone.

App Name:Slide2Open – FREE – Slide Lock Your Screen

App Version:1.850.0

App Size:278 KB


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