Wallpaper Shifter

Wallpaper Shifter is a smart tool enables your BlackBerry smartphone to change wallpaper automatically, you can define a folder and desired interval at the same time.

Now update to 1.2.0 version, this version comes with more advanced UI and provide smart shift mode, you could set separate folders for morning, noon and afternoon: in morning, you could set a sequence of fresh wallpapers; in noon, for passion; night, for peaceful…

1. Changing the wallpaper according to your settings without consuming extra memory or battery.
2. The app is required by many many users, which may fresh your eyes and mind.
3. With our premium free theme President Frame , you can enjoy: changing wallpaper as your will, and the wallpaper photos will seamlessly fit in homescreen with a frame above.

App Name:Wallpaper Shifter

App Version:1.2.0

App Size:56 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

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