The Sierra Club Animal and Bird Tracks Knowledge Cards

This quiz application from the Sierra Club shows nearly 50 graphical examples of animal and bird tracks and challenges you to guess which species they belong to. Close observation of our surroundings is one of the biggest joys of being outdoors. And we humans–the naming animal–enjoy ourselves more when we know, or can find out, what we re observing. This application satisfies our hardwired urge to identify. A picture of a bird s or animal s footprints appears, then simply click a button and the name of the creature, its taxonomic data, physical characteristics, footprint size, and diet, and notes on its natural history all appear. A portion of this mobile application s sales proceeds are donated to the Sierra Club for environmental protection causes.

App Name:The Sierra Club Animal and Bird Tracks Knowledge Cards

App Version:1.0.5

App Size:408 KB

Cost:US$4.99 USD

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