Ideal Combo Themes

It is best to update your BlackBerry to the latest OS but we make the older versions available for your convenience."
Abstract Combo

1.Ruby Red
2.Pearly White
3.Imperial Purple

1.Ruby Red:
* Beautiful customized red shade Icons.
* Five beautiful HD abstract Screen-wise backgrounds.
* Customized shining abstract battery meter.
* Customized shining abstract signal meter.

2.Pearly White:
An abstract look for the battery & signal. Battery meter showing the percentages.
Everything is customized in the theme.
5 different beautiful backgrounds give this theme a perfect white corporate look.

3.Imperial Purple:
* Beautiful customized Icons.
* Five Purple wallpapers which suit the theme.
* Customized abstract battery meter.
* Customized abstract signal meter.

App Name:Ideal Combo Themes

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:2072 KB

Cost:US$5.99 USD

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