Swan Lake – Enhanced with SVG – Media – Shortcuts

Reflection of the ULTRA stunning, peaceful and beautiful swan. A theme delights your mind and eyes.

Enhanced with SVG – Media – Shortcuts
Hidden SVG 4 fixed Shortcuts for Media…Alt+1/2/3…Shortcuts.

Useful Shortcuts:
1. Hidden SVG: press space key to pop up SVG menu and press back to hide.
2. 4 fixed Shortcuts: Media shortcut fixed on homescreen, this is a very useful function, and few provider can do this :; Message, Options, Profile is another 3 shortcuts.
3. Alt +1, Alt+2/3… to access 1-9 icons in the application menu


1. Comfortable and cool background
2. Customized vivid icon set and layout
3. Free More MMMOOO link inside the theme which helps you leads to Premium & Free ONLY MMMOOO content in shortcut
4. Deliver with 5 premium MMMOOO apps inside with web link. If you dont like them, you can hide them.

To activate the theme after successfully downloading:
Navigate to Options – Theme – Select the desired Theme and activate.
To uninstall a theme plz delete it in the application list.

Guarantee satisfaction:

MMMOOO welcome your feedback comment, so we can keep leading the tide in art designing of theme. If you find a bug, kindly write email to us, we can provide revision asap, and a bonus free theme as well. Be so kind that dont leave a malicious comment.

App Name:Swan Lake – Enhanced with SVG – Media – Shortcuts

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:1102 KB

Cost:US$4.99 USD

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