War Combo

It is best to update your BlackBerry to the latest OS but we make the older versions available for your convenience."

1 War Zone theme
2 Guns Theme
3 Revolver Theme
4 Bullet Shot Theme

1 War Zone Theme:
* The complete look of your blackberry is changed
* The fibre background on the application screen looks very special when put on the phone
* The icons are given a shady look Mobiles with bigger screen resolution.
Metal with screws scheme for the dialog box.
* The background images placed shows the spirit & the shades of the warzone.

2 Guns Theme:
* Customized colorful icons.
* Customized abstract Battery meter.
* Customized abstract signal meter.
* 5 screen-wise backgrounds with suit the theme.

3 Revolver Theme:
*Metal surface banner
*Revolver battery chamber as the battery meter.
*Bullets as the Signal meter.
*5 different screen wise backgrounds.

4 Bullet Shot Theme:
* Customized metal icons.
* Battery meter replaced with customized bullets.
* Signal meter replaced with another customized bullets.
* 5 different bullets Screen-wise backgrounds which suit that theme.

App Name:War Combo

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:2170 KB

Cost:US$7.99 USD

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