Cool Toons Lite for BlackBerry PlayBook

Bored? Have fun by getting your own Cool Toons which long for your gaze and react to your moves. Make them smile, shout, dance, fall annoyed and more on your whim. Let the naughtiness of these toons get the better of you.


Five different toons – Panda, chimp, turtle, rabbit and penguin

Choose any toon and start rocking the fun cradle!

Caress and cuddle them to make them comfortable with you

Make the toons giggle by tickling their belly

Watch the toons dance on your favorite music beats

Tilt the phone and make them fall on the ground

Annoy them by hitting their leg or pulling their ears

Reach the ultimacy of fun with this amazing App

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App Name:Cool Toons Lite for BlackBerry PlayBook

App Version:1.0.11

App Size:2338 KB


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