Bass Assassin 2 FREE

Fish for glory in fishing tournaments, or relax on the lake in free fish mode. Use your personal fishing style with different equipment and lake locations to catch the biggest fish. Attempt seven different pro challenges to unlock advanced gear and secret sweet spots on the lake. Earn cash and upgrade your gear so you can tackle the biggest fighter of all: Brassie, the fish they call a legend.


-Hot days lead fish to deep water, move around the lake to find where theyre a bitin
-Use the right lures, line, and style to catch the right kind of fish
-Compete in all 7 challenges, with lots of hidden stuff to unlock
-Become a campfire legend: Catch Brassie, the toughest, most elusive fish swimmin

App Name:Bass Assassin 2 FREE

App Version:1.0.1

App Size:1158 KB


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