Deer Hunter: African Safari

The most realistic mobile hunting franchise returns with an all new adventure: Deer Hunter: African Safari!

Travel to African countries such as Namibia, Cameroon and Tanzania to bag exotic big Game: Lion, Buffalo, Kudu, and even the mighty Rhinoceros! Experience breathtaking African scenery as you hunt big game, unlocking new difficulty levels and purchasing new items. Participate in multi-day hunting excursions or opt for quickplay mode where you can choose from a one-day Quick Hunt or Shooting Gallery.

Based on the multi-platform, best-selling hunting game from Atari, Deer Hunter: African Safari is as real as it gets!

- Hunt in different African countries including Namibia, Cameroon and Tanzania, all expertly rendered to make for the most realistic hunting sim experience available on mobile phones.
– All new exotic big game indigenous to Africa: Lion, Buffalo, Kudu, and Rhinoceros – all with true-to-life sense and behaviors!
- Toggle weapons mid-hunt – you can now choose between 2 different weapons during any given hunt.
- Use the dynamic scope to zoom in and fire more precise shots, hitting your targets "kill zone."
- The bigger the game, the better the game – unlock new hunts and purchase new gear and weapons by bagging the biggest animals.
- Shooting Gallery mode: Shoot the running Kudu for two minutes and score as many hits as you can!

App Name:Deer Hunter: African Safari

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:817 KB

Cost:US$6.99 USD

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